Junior Paddlefest 2013

Spread the word, it’s that time of year again …… Junior Paddlefest 2013 is being held on 20, 21 & 22 September at Hidden Valley Campsite, Rathdrum Co. Wicklow.

Going on from the response so far, we can expect to smash last year’s figures of over 523 people on the water at one time and a headcount of over 1000 people on site.

Junior Paddlefest is now the largest junior even on the Irish Canoeing calendar and as of last year, it is the largest Junior Paddling event in Europe.


Looking forward to seeing you all there again this year!

Christmas Party

Plan is to do a Sunday paddle on the 16th from Sluice to Straw Hall where there will be food and drinks waiting. Those not up for a paddle are still welcome for food, drinks, chats and laughs. Please post your interest in the forums, in particular here and here

New Pool Sessions

We have got the pool in Ballyfermot booked for the next 4 weeks.  Sessions take place from 8pm to 9pm on Tuesdays and are open to all club members. These sessions are not just about rolling but helping you pratice anything you like in the comfort of a pool.

First session kicks off tonight Tuesday 13th November. For more info http://www.rockhoppers.ie/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=730


Forums down

Sorry folks, there seems to be an issue with  the forums at present. We are looking into it and hope to have it up and running again shortly.

Liffey Decent 2011

The 52nd Liffey Decent was held on the 8th of October after being postponed for a month due to poor water levels. Once more a few of our members took part in the event and a bunch more helped out with rescue at Lucan Weir. The numbers of participants was slightly down due to the move but the weather was good and the crowds still showed up for a great event. We even got a very nice thank you note from the organisers.

The Irish Canoe Union would like to extend its thanks and gratitude for your assistance in organising rescue for the 2011 Liffey Descent. Without your commitment to coordinating and providing rescue a race of the size, quality and safety of the Liffey Descent would not be possible. Please extend our largest thank you to all members of your rescue crew from us the Irish Canoe Union and from all of the competitors who entered the race and finished safely on the day. The high quality of the rescue provided this year was commented on at several occasions by many paddlers following the race.

Thank you once again, and hope to see some, if not all, of you again next year!

Benny Cullen
Development Officer – Irish Canoe Union

I too looking forward to seeing more of our members taking part and helping out again next year.

There was also a member of the press running the event for the first time. Check out his view of the whole affair http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/features/2011/1010/1224305516068.html

River Cleanup 2011

The Europe wide River, Lake & Coastal Cleanup Day which is part of the worldwide Oceans Initiative 2011 has not received as much publicity as last year. The ICU and a small group of club members were out on March, 26 2011 at Lucan doing a cleanup.

Thanks to everyones work last year there were less bags and hopefully, with continued support it will be less year on year.

The ICU are going to be at Wren’s Nest in Strawberry Beds on Saturday, April 9 2011 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm and we are going to help out again.

Some people will be in boats and some will walk the banks so bring your normal river gear and we will decide on the day who goes where. Just make sure to bring some gloves and, if you have, some garden tools such as rakes or clippers.

It will be a great day out and we can tidy up our favourite playground a bit. And afterwards we can all go to the Strawhall for some refreshments.

Hope to see as many people as possible there!