Sluice break-ins

Nope its not about breaking into and out of the eddy’s at sluice, this is people breaking into your car.

The evenings are starting to get dark a bit earlier now so there seems to be an increase in the number of break-ins to cars parked in the sluice carpark.

Please be careful, don’t leave valuables on display and make sure you keep an eye out for suspicious people hanging around. Do not engage them, simply call the Garda.

Annual Liffey Clean Up Day

That time of year again and time to clean up one of our favorite playgrounds – Sunday April 27th at 11.00am in Straw Hall car park. There will be lots of prizes for those helping out, including free Rockhoppers membership!

Sign up over here or take a look at this post

Wild Water Racing Training Weekend 8th & 9th February

This is the first of a series of training weekends available to club members under the forthcoming Club Championship on the 12 & 13 April. Most of the training sessions will be taking place in Kilkenny only an hours drive from Dublin. There is no minimum or maximum limit of people so if interested in learning a new skill or improving it in these fun and different kayaks please check out this post


Fallen Trees – be careful

Due to the recent blessings of the rain gods we have seen a lot of rain fall over the past couple of weeks. There have also been some very strong winds tearing through the forests. As a result of the wet lands and high winds a number of trees have fallen and many of them into rivers. Please be very careful on your next river trip. Give plenty of space, check blind corners and don’t be afraid to get out and scout the route ahead.

AGM 2013

Its that time of the year again and the AGM is upon us. This year we are setting it for Sunday 1st of September 2013.  We will have a leisurely paddle followed by a quick AGM and some foods and drinks. If you can’t make the paddle at least come for the AGM and if not that then the food and drinks are always hard to turn down 🙂 Details to follow in the coming weeks.