Why kayaking?

There are lots of reasons but here are 3

Fun & Friendly

Yup its loads of fun and we try to foster that within the club. You will mostly see smiles on kayakers even after getting a face full of cold water.

Health & Well-being

Besides the physical activity of kayaking which is good for the heart getting out doors to peaceful places with beautiful scenery not seen by many is very good for the head.


It might not seem like it but kayaking does take you places. It might not always be out of the country but it will often be out of the county. And the saying goes travel broadens the mind.

Whats our club about ?

While many clubs have well-established facilities with changing rooms, showers and gear stores, we are what's known as a “roof rack” club. We have none of the fancy stuff, just our own gear and our own cars to get us to the rivers. There are many disciplines in kayaking but our clubs primary focus is whitewater kayaking followed by play boating. That is not to say we don't partake in others, many members also play canoe polo and go surf and sea kayaking.
Whitewater kayaking

Whitewater kayaking

Big waves big fun


Tricks in playspots

Whats Happening

Bits of info


Its all the rage and you will find everything in relation to kayaking on the dedicated Canoeing Ireland Covid-19 Page As a small club we will follow their advice so please check it regularly for Read more…

Sluice Rodeo

Sluice Freestyle Competition is back Saturday 28th November. Its not just a competition there will be a few people on hand to give you some pointers, so see your there. Oh don’t forget to register Read more…

Winter is coming but the pool is warm

Yup, you guessed it we are back in the pool in Ballyfermot from  Tuesday November 10, 2015 from 8-9pm. You can find all the details in here : http://www.rockhoppers.ie/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1122